Pvc Conservatory

Mandy asks

Should PVC Lean to with the glass to the bottom cost the same as a Conservatory with dwarf wall?

Both are same size.

admin answers:

I’d guess the dwarf wall would be slightly more expensive due to the extra labour in building it.

If your pricing up a conservatory you might want also to price up a proper extra room as in house extension with a proper room / maybe with a couple of roof lights. 

Jemima asks

How can I get instructions on dismantling a conservatory?

I have a lean-to conservatory; usual PVC windows & doors upper, and bricks lower. I would like to dismantle and re-sell or re-use rather than demolish it and cart it away.Not bothered about the bricks, just the PVC stuff at this stageI also have a query re. removing the marble floor tiles also on yahoo at the moment..I am in Battersea in London UK if anyone wants to help Thanks

admin answers:

I do not live local to you at all, but why not advertised YOU BUY IT/ Dismantle it/ AND haul it away. kia cars . Most obvious to me would be from the top down, and perhaps remove the Window panels first.

Without knowing at all how it was constructed in the first place, or knowing whether you know or not, the process should go in the reverse of it’s construction.I saw your tile floor Q as well, and it’s unlikely you’ll get them up without damage. Certainly in some measure that depends on how they were set. I’m remediating the Tile floor in an 11,000 sq. Ft. Building due to flooding and tiles popping. The floor is concrete, and the mortar was only applied at 1/8 inch, but the flooding is causing the tiles to pop. The problem still exists, even in any unbroken, of removing the mortar from the back/bottom, of the tile.Steven Wolf

Jane asks

flies in conservatory?

My new conservatory is a haven for flies. chiropractor . Any advice on the best way to get rid of them. Their shite is marking the white pvc window frames and sills and I am sick of cleaning it the whole time !!!!

admin answers:

The only thing I have ever found to work is a wooden bead curtain at the door. I got mine from eBay. Not expensive and looks quite nice. Amazingly effective.I used to have to go in with the vacuum cleaner every morning and clean up the bodies. It used to get like Armageddon in there!

Mike asks

Conservatoy Fitters- where can i get a tool for removing the roof panels?

I believe there is a specialist tool for removing the white pvc struts which are on the outside of the conservatory roof ,(that hold the roof panels in place).is this the case and if so where can you get the correct tool?Cheers

admin answers:

I’ve worked in Diy for 14 years and have never seen a tool specific for this job on the shelf. Most panels, fascia’s and trims clip or screw into place so normal tools should suffice (screwdrivers,pliers) A lot of pieces will be made of UPVC which do not take much abuse without breaking. Contact a local conservatory supplier and ask one of their fitters for advice. Remeber the roof will not support a human bodys weight and ladders are for access not for working on.

Charlie asks

how do you clean silicone sealant?

The silicone sealant around the pvc windows in my conservatory is turning black in the corners . I think it may be mildew caused by condensation . Anyone know how I can clean it off I’ve tried bleach and various cleaning products without much success ?

admin answers:

You could make a paste with baking soda and lemon juice and scrub it with a toothbrush. Wipe it with a damp cloth and then spray it with a bleach like Clorox Clean Up

Alana asks

how do you fit/seal conservatory windows?

recently i purchased some conservatory windows, unfortunatly they did not come with any instructions, just an inventory list – which we think may have been thrown away with the rest of the packaging as i remember per window we have pvc base gasket, pvc wedge seal, pvc bubble gasket and 2 setting blocks that came with the list. we have contacted the company issuing the windows and await their reply – although it has been over a week and the weather is starting to get wet again.i would be very grateful for even the most basic of knowledge on this as im finding it difficult to both try new combinations and have them hold position long enough to fit the glass and see if its correct :pthanks for all your help

admin answers:

Glazing Options

The diverse range of glazing options means you can really reflect your individual style and personality in your conservatory windows. Whether you want leaded, Georgian, clear, patterned or stained glass, I can help. It would, if you already have the windows seated properly, be best to simply seal both the exterior and interior side with a thin Silicone strip of Exterior Door and Window Sealant if it sits in an aluminum or steel frame. There are also small steel wedges you may purchase to assist you.If you have a wood frame, you may wish to purchase steel nibs, and insert them. A Steel Nib is a small, very sharp, triangular piece of Metal that you hold against the glass and tap carefully into the frame. This will hold the window in while you place WINDOW glazing around both sides (with a putty knife) in order to weatherproof the window.Write to myself, anytime, with any question(s). I’ll be happy to respond and assist you.

David asks

Straightening PVC french doors?

Hello, I have a big headache with this problem!!I have installed my conservatory (first time ever) and the french doors have been the bane of my life!!I had a bricky to create the dwarf wall for me – but it wasn’t built EXACTLY to plan – the wall leading to the opening was built 9mm too short and as such the window frame is 9mm hanging over the wall. As such when the doors went in they were squashed in with 9mm gap on the left and absolute zero room on the right. Now I have come to glaze it – the 2 doors aren’t the same height (looks like it slants to the right) and I am guessing is is because of this tight squeeze via the dwarf wall – any ideas what I should do?

admin answers:

French doors are a nightmare at best of times …first the gap ..you buy a knock on strip from where you got the doors this fits on side Various thicknesses next …its absolutely vital you fit the doors squarely …dont think you have ….use at least a 4ft level …to check if you have or not ..make a square 3 bits of wood …length 3ft…4ft ..5 ft make triangle be acurate ..this will help you

Cindy asks

Inherited my Dad’s house – what needs to be done first?

Hi! I have just inherited my Dad’s house, my family home which I haven’t lived in for years but want to move in now. family lawyers . The only thing he has had done is a new roof and PVC windows. There is no CH, wiring could do with updating, more power sockets, want a conservatory, extend the pooky bathroom. What do I do first?

admin answers:

Get hold of the deeds before you do anything. Make sure it really is yours. Register it with the land registry.Bad wiring could kill you, so get that done first, with the sockets you need.Then think – how much time do you spend in the bath, compared with how much time you spend suffering from the cold in the winter ? If you don’t feel the cold very much, do the bathroom first. If you hate being cold, fit central heating first. Leave the conservatory until you find how much money you have left.

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